Who is Eligible?

If your legal problem is one of those that we deal with we will ask you about your income. We will look at your sources of income, number of dependants, expenses, and assets. We can provide you free legal services if your income fits within the chart below.

As of April 2018, the following families are eligible for free legal services:


Family Size One Adult Family (Gross) Two Adult Family (Gross)
Automatic Discretionary Automatic Discretionary
1 $21,144 $22,720
2 $24,490 $32,131 $28,638 $32,131
3 $28,638 $39,143 $30,980 $39,352
4 $30,980 $42,288 $34,192 $45,440
5 $34,192 $46,303 $36,667 $49,648
6 $36,667 $50,518 $39,876 $50,803


Family Size Asset Limit
Single                          $8,933
Family (including cohabiting spouse)                        $11,910

A number of factors are considered when we make a decision about income eligibility. Depending on your situation, you might be eligible to receive services even if your income is higher than these guidelines. Please contact our office for further information.